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Facebook Offers a NEW Audience for Advertising

Facebook's New Audience Category

Facebook’s New Audience Category

As if FB advertising and FB boosted posts weren’t already fantastic enough…FB has introduced another NEW option for FB admins to use when targeting an audience for a boosted post.
Traditionally, when boosting a post (putting a little money behind it), we’ve become familiar with choosing an audience that includes either our “fans, and friends of fans”, or a category that I find most effective, “people you choose through targeting” which allows you to choose an audience based on demographics to include gender, age, interests etc….
Well, just this week, I discovered that FB has introduced a third category, “people similar to people who like your page”. Now, that is brilliant!

On a local or more “interest” level, a great option is to choose an audience of “fans and friends of fans” because more than likely, and generally speaking, you’re reaching out to a lot of people in the same community or of the same mentality….“Birds of a feather do flock together”, right?
At a broader level, to increase your reach, obtain new fans and potential customers based on interests, perhaps even in another city, or state, businesses have greatly benefited from targeting an audience that best meets the basic criteria for a potential fan or customer of their unique business.
Now, with this new category, “people similar to the people who like your page”, FB will do the work for you based on the data that they collect from each and every FB user in the world! You don’t have to try and determine what that category looks like, you’re trusting FB that their data bank knows your customers as well as you do, if not better. Remember, every LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE that is clicked on by a FB user, is collected and filed into FB’s brain tank for advertising purposes and YOU, the business owner will benefit from that!

As with any new feature, I’ve had several FB admin friends state that they do not see this option yet, as FB tends to roll these things out. But I do…and I’ve just submitted my first Boost under the new category. I’ll be sure to let you know the return on my investment on “people similar to the people who like MY page”.

~Kathleen Ray/ Ur Agenda Social Marketing

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